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Capital City Stadium facing sale to commercial developer

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Columbia might be losing one of its most well-known landmarks in Capital City Stadium. In true made-for-the-movies fashion, the park could be sold to a developer.

The development may turn out to be a shopping center project. The south Assembly Street location in downtown Columbia has stood there for decades.

The stadium is currently the home to the Columbia Blowfish, an amateur team in the Coastal Plain League. The stadium has seen the likes of the Reds, the Mets, and the former Capital City Bombers.

A Georgia-based development company, Bright-Meyers, has an option on slightly less than six acres of property including the stadium.

Despite the dire situation, Columbia Development Corporation director Fred Delk says the sale process is going to take a while.

"It will take them at least a year to go through the permitting process. So nothing is going to happen immediately," said Delk.

Field issues have plagued the stadium for years. The Bombers and the Mets before them were constantly plagued by poor drainage on the field, frequent rainouts and failed efforts to find financial backing for a new ballpark that might have kept professional baseball in Columbia.

But there were good times too. They included hundreds of game day appearances by David Williams, the team's official cheerleader. And much of the area around the stadium is now growing with new apartment complexes geared toward USC students.

"Watch Assembly Street over the next several years," said Delk. "Right now our mayor is looking for $150 million from the state infrastructure bank to do something with Assembly Street. That will include everything from Millwood Avenue down to Blossom Street. And this kind of development really enhances the ability to create additional development down on that end of Assembly Street."

There is some talk of finding another venue for the Blowfish. On top of that, there are ideas being floated for another ballpark in the Columbia area, one that might serve as home for another pro team.

Of course, we still have the best collegiate baseball in the nation.

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