Perspective - Painful Cuts

According to a recent AARP article, South Carolina will provide over 200,000 fewer home-delivered meals to housebound residents this year than last. That's because our legislature failed to restore 1.5 million dollars cut from the state budget last year for this purpose. The senate voted to restore funding, but the House rejected it. Hunger is a key issue in our state where 21 percent of residents older than 60 were eligible for federal food assistance in 2009. The AARP strongly supports the restoration of this funding and I agree with their position. We simply cannot allow our homebound senior citizens to go hungry. Several non-profit organizations in our community are working to serve this need, but our state government must also step up to take care of some of our neediest citizens. To learn more about this budget crisis and how you can influence your legislators to fund these critical services, visit That's my perspective, I'd like to hear from you..