Midlands horse rescue forced to relocate dozens of horses

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A midlands horse rescue is giving up dozens of horses, after investigators say they took in too many of the animals.

Orangeburg County deputies and a Humane Society investigator spent several hours at the Ridley Lane Horse Rescue this week.

On Friday, they spent more than two hours there.

The visits came after complaints that several horses at Stormy Farm Horse Rescue were not being cared for.

John and Shawna Thorpe opened the rescue in 2008, taking in mistreated horses from all over.

State Humane Society Director, Wayne Bremmessel, says in the past several weeks it just got to be too much.

"This is a rescue group that wanted to help and never said no and got to the point where they took in so many animals," said Bremmessel. "They were overwhelmed, they took in more than they could handle."

Humane Society Investigator, Eddie O' Cain and a deputy inspected every horse, and worked out a plan for relocating some.

"They get it and don't know that it costs, $200 a month just to feed that one animal," said John.

The couple often spent their own money, feeding and caring for the rescues.

"We want to make sure that they go some place, a forever home, that's a good way to put it," John added.

Investigators say, they don't plan to press charges, but have removed some horses to help get the rescue's population back to a place that the Thorpe's can manage.

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