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Dog rescues elderly NC woman who fell

Thor! (Source: Colin Heaton) Thor! (Source: Colin Heaton)

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) – A dog who was recently rescued from being a orphan has been doing some rescuing of his own. 

When one of his neighbors fell, Thor the pooch sprang into action to let his owners know something was wrong – possibly saving the elderly woman's life.

Barbara Simmons, 78, fell on the side of the road while checking her mail on a hot day earlier this month.

  She said she yelled for help but no one came to her rescue for at least a half hour.  Thor, a dog with a heroic name, noticed Simmons and went to check it out.

"He was just so gentle and like, 'are you okay, are you okay?'" explained Simmons.  "It was like somebody asking, 'are you okay, are you okay?'"

Thor's owners said he was acting strangely that day, ignoring their commands.

"He ran to this point and he stopped and looked back at my husband and barked at him a couple of times like, ‘I'm not going to listen to you,' and he took off right around the corner," said owner Anne Lewis.

Thor led his owners to Simmons nearly a block away.  They called for help and the EMT told Lewis that Thor probably saved her life.

Despite being part Pitbull and part Rottweiler, Thor has never attacked anyone or harmed anything.

"He's totally destroyed the stereotype you have of those breeds," said Thor's owner, Colin Heaton.  "He loves people."

Thor's owners say dogs like him, which are rescued from bad situations, make great pets and their previous living situations don't really have an impact on the dog's behavior.

"He has on occasion saved our chickens from a fox, survived being bitten by a copperhead, wrestled another fox, chased a coyote, and learned dozens of words and commands," Anne Lewis said.

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