Midlands restaurant offers a more natural way of eating

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The raw food movement is gaining popularity as more people become mindful of what's being put in their food.

In West Columbia, there's a restaurant called the "Good Life Café" that caters to the movement.

Its customers say their new diet has helped them turn a corner and one woman says it turned her life around.

Once a week, Barbara Gamble stocks up on natural juices.

She says the drinks combined with a lean diet have knocked out the symptoms associated with her sarcoidosis.

"At one point walking from the den to the bedroom I'd be out of breath", said Gamble. "Now, I can go about my daily duties in the home, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my family."

Gamble is not the only one returning to a more natural way of eating.

The Good Life Cafe is evidence of a growing number of people looking for alternatives to fast food.

"When they eat it they don't feel like going home and laying on the couch they feel energized," said Good Life Café owner Sharon Wright.

Wright has a menu of completely raw, organic and gluten-free items and says she changed her life after watching her grandfather die of colon cancer.

"After watching what he went through I just decided it's not an option for me," said Wright. "So I started my path with natural foods and this is what evolved."

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