Perspective: An editorial on Governor Haley's comment by general manager Donita Todd

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Once again South Carolina makes national headlines for being politically incorrect. Our Governor has been under fire recently for an expensive business trip to Europe back in June billed as an economic development enterprise. But what made headlines was Haley's response to one female reporter's story in the Charleston Post and Courier questioning the motivation and expense of this trip. Our state's first female governor dismissed this reporter as a (quote) "poor little girl" whose job was to create conflict as opposed to Haley's being about creating jobs. As a woman and a member of the media, I find this comment highly offensive on a number of levels. It is dismissive and disrespectful of this woman's gender and responsibility as a journalist, and it once again demonstrates the Governor's aversion to answering tough questions by deflecting attention onto the motivation of those holding her accountable.

We believe that the Governor's economic motivations are genuine, but her tactics for communicating those efforts need improvement. Given what's at stake for our state, it's imperative that Haley be able to answer the tough questions without being rude and condescending to those asking the questions. After all, she did campaign on a promise of transparency in governance.

That's my perspective. Let me know what you think.