Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Small Business Jobs

The Moore School of Business recently published a study demonstrating some very interesting statistics about what kind of business is driving the economy in our state. One of the more significant findings is that 26% of total South Carolina job growth came from firms with less than 20 employees and accounted for 51% of all net employment between 2004-2008. It's long been established that small business is the engine that drives local job creation and the US economy, so it's great to see that our state is successfully creating an entrepreneurial environment.

One of the best economic drivers we have in this state is the rich resource of partnerships between our business community and our technical colleges and universities. In my opinion, this is the key to providing long-term job growth and development of the industries of the future. They say, if you build it they will come, and our recent efforts attracting companies in alternative energy, automobile and aviation industries are great steps in that direction.

Who knows? We may have the next Apple or Dell incubating right here in South Carolina.

That's my perspective. Let me hear from you.