Perspective: A WIS Editorial – Food Truck Rules

Have you ever enjoyed a loaded hot dog from a street vendor or some tasty barbeque from a food truck?  Well, a city regulation that takes effect next February may inadvertently threaten some of the city's most popular food truck vendors.  These laws were intended to govern  other mobile businesses, primarily traveling flea markets, but may put the crimp on your ability to grab a tasty meal on wheels.

The laws require merchants to get permission in writing from landowners where they set up shop, provide drawings of those sites and meet the requisite zoning criteria.  A lot of rules and regulations that kind of negate the spirit of entrepreneurship and spontaneity for these rolling restaurants.   Several of the more popular vendors have their city licenses, but worry that these regulations may put them out of business.  City officials say they are working to make the laws more specific to these kinds of business and those changes could be in effect later this year.

Let's hope so, because these food trucks have added some novelty and spice to the local dining scene, and we sure don't want to squelch any local business operators in this economy.  Come on, Columbia… Let's keep 'em rolling!

That's my perspective.  What do you think?