New York Post picks Gamecocks to win it all

NEW YORK, NY (WIS) - A major U.S. publication has picked the University of South Carolina football team to win the national championship this season.

In its Sunday edition, New York Post writer Lenn Robbins suggests that the football Gamecocks will be the best team in the nation once it's all said and done.

"With Spurrier's smooth Southern charm and dazzling resume as a college coach (he led Florida to the 1996 national championship) and player (he won the Heisman Trophy in 1966), landing some of the nation's best talent, and his sixth sense for play calling, the Gamecocks are ready to make history," Robbins wrote.

Spurrier told The Post that the Gamecocks are "the sexy team," and that nobody picked number 23 Auburn last year in the preseason.

The Gamecocks kick off the season Saturday in Charlotte against East Carolina.
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