Buy It & Try It: Air massager

(Columbia) Nov. 19, 2003 - Who wouldn't want a nice massage after a long day at work? You've probably seen the ads for the Air Press Massager on TV. It looks pretty ridiculous when you first see it, but it promises to deliver a deep massage.
Marcie Jennings was shopping at the Wal-Mart on Forest Drive and volunteered to test the product. The pre-school teacher and busy mom welcomes any opportunity to relax.
It took a few minutes to get strapped in and after she turned it on, she did feel something, "Is it supposed to feel good though?"

The device inflated, but Marcie didn't call it a massage, "I mean, it is just squeezing like a blood pressure cuff. It is exactly like getting your blood pressure taken over the entire length of your leg. That is just not relaxing. I do not feel like I have been at the spa."

Pat Ladson works at Wal-Mart, "I want to know how it feels before I put my money down on it." She says she needs to relieve some of the pressure on her legs, but, "It ain't gonna wrap around these thighs here."

Expectant mom Jackie Penderass would love a little pampering, "Other massager, like foot massager, you can feel it vibrating. I don't really feel anything like that"

Person after person tried it, but they all agreed the Air Massager makes some inflated claims.

Another point is in the ads the models have on shorts, but the instructions say do not use on bare skin.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 6:22pm by BrettWitt