VA earthquake shakes up many in Midlands - - Columbia, South Carolina

VA earthquake shakes up many in Midlands

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Tuesday's earthquake had several people out of work for a few minutes as some buildings in downtown Columbia were evacuated. Many people were surprised and a little shocked that an earthquake shook Columbia. While some didn't feel a thing, at least one woman got really shaken up.

Jacqueline Davis Myers felt it and then some. She got a ringside and rocky seat from her historic apartment in downtown Columbia. "I was sitting here and the chair started rocking, then I saw the refrigerator rocking and my two cats started running around not knowing what to do," recounted Davis Myers. "I ran across and grabbed the TV because it was about to fall off the stand and held it for about 15 seconds because it kept rocking."
Yes, she admits grabbing her 42-inch Sony instead of making a dash for the door. "The entire building could've collapsed and I would've been going with it with the TV," she laughed. "What a brilliant person!"
Davis Myers wasn't the only person who got caught by surprise. "I felt the ground shaking and I had to ask myself what in the world was going on," said George Cooke. "It scared me."

Cooke went from slinging hot dogs at Doggie Dawg's to scratching his head. "I wasn't expecting that here in Columbia, so it caught me a little off guard," he said.      
Davis Myers says if it's the big one next time, she definitely won't be messing around with the TV. She and others say the shaking lasted a good 30 seconds, but so far no reports of damage or injury here.

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