Perspective: A WIS Editorial – Frat rush suspension

Should the sins of a few be punishment for many? In the case of the recent suspension of rush exercises for USC fraternities, the answer is yes. The university suspended all membership drives for fraternities due to alleged alcohol violations during their rush activities. A series of meetings were scheduled this week to discuss better ways of regulating and controlling drinking at these events.

The high number of medical emergencies due to alcohol abuse at various fraternity parties is the cause of alarm and the shutdown of rush events by USCstudent affairs .Fraternities that had no incidents claim that they should not be held responsible for the infractions of other Greeks.University officials, however, feel that a strong message needs to be sent to all students that this behavior will not be tolerated.

In my perspective,this is a good life lesson. I believe that USC is doing the right thing by holding accountable all the fraternal organizations on campus. Until the irresponsible behavior of some is brought into check, the rest will have to pay the price. This is a wake up call that will hopefully prevent something more serious from happening such as a pledge losing his life to alcohol abuse.

That's my perspective, what's yours?