Buy It & Try It: Finishing Touch

(Columbia) Nov. 18, 2003 - A number of WIS News 10 viewers have called and emailed Troubleshooter Judi Gatson to ask about the Finishing Touch personal hair remover.

Mary Clinton of Camden wanted to find out if it truly provides a smooth shave. The Finishing Touch infomercial claims it will "magically erase hair along the lip or chin," anywhere actually, and in an instant, pain-free.

Mary, however, had a different experience. When she swept Finishing Touch down her leg, she found, "Ah, it's not working too well. This would take me several hours to do my leg!"

The longer planes of her legs aren't the only place Mary would want to use the Finishing Touch, "I was thinking to maybe use it to do my eyebrows, chin hairs and unibrow. That's what I was thinking about it for."

She tried it on her arm and above her lip. While she notes it doesn't hurt, "Uh-uh, it's painless," it didn't seem to be getting the job done there, either, "I have to repeat the strokes to many times. ... It's smoother with a razor."

Sewell, the owner of Logan Raye, let Judi test the Finishing Touch on his ears and across his knuckles. Judi even convinced WIS News 10 photographer Erik Carlson to let her swipe Finishing Touch across the eyebrows.

It did get some of the hair, but aesthetician Samantha Rhodes says no one should expect to get a smooth shave, "This is going to leave a little stubble. It would have to. It has a limited use, but what it does, it does ok."

Mary's final verdict, "I think I will just stick with my Venus razor and keep shaving." The Smart Shopper verdict is the same: thumbs down. The Finishing Touch was not a cut above the rest and is not worth the cash.

by Judi Gatson
posted 6:00pm by Chris Rees