Man hunts down suspected thief using Facebook

By Jody Barr - bio | email

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Facebook helped catch a suspected TV thief after the victim posted surveillance pictures of the crime online.

Sam Kanipe was having trouble identifying the burglar until he posted the video from his Lexington County home on Facebook.

Kanipe had two problems, his $2,000 flat screen had walked off on August 10, and even with pictures of the suspect, he had no idea who the thief was.

So Kanipe decided to turn to Facebook.

According to Kanipe, the burglar came in through a back door, that didn't have a dead bolt.

He says the thief pried the lock back with a pocket knife.

When Kanipe discovered that his TV was missing, he contacted 9-1-1, and waited on a deputy.

"I got this video camera and I figured I couldn't wait any longer," said Kanipe. "I had to know if it was going to help me and show me who did this."

Kanipe says the camera snapped still shots of a man walking into his home, who looked right into the camera.

The next shot showed Kanipe's TV leaving with a man he's never seen before.

According to Kanipe, his daughter-in-law posted the pictures on Facebook.

Within hours, a neighbor identified the man as Keith White, who lives right across the street from Kanipe.

Deputies say once White got word that the pictures were out, he went to the sheriff's office and turned himself in.

According to officials, just four hours before this burglary, Keith White was in a Lexington County courtroom and plead guilty to stealing a 19-inch flat screen TV from one of the patient rooms at the Lexington Medical Center.

The court ordered White to return the TV to the hospital and pay a 200 dollar fine.

Keith White is currently behind bars under a 20-thousand dollars bond on one count of burglary.

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