Perspective: A WIS Editorial - USC Pride

Last week we celebrated our Gamecock baseball team who returned with their second College World Series championship in a row….cockadoodle two is what the headlines in Omaha read. These guys really dug deep to tough this one out, showing even more stamina, determination and teamwork than last year. USC sports fans and the general public turned out in droves to show their pride and appreciation for these young men and their coaching staff. On a personal note, I hope they move the team further up in the parade next year so folks don't faint waiting for them in this sultry heat.

Our hope is that this championship fever is contagious and that the winning attitude carries over into the USC football and basketball seasons this coming year as well. Knowing what it's like to be the best in your field is a great feeling and can inspire us in every aspect of our lives, our government, and our schools, so for that we thank the USC baseball team for the inspiration and excitement of this victorious season.

That's my perspective. Let me hear from you.