Perspective: A WIS Editorial - RTA Debt

If you ride the bus to work, to shop, or to visit your friends, you might be surprised one day soon when your bus just doesn't show up. That's because the RTA is out of money…not only flat broke, but seriously in debt. City and County council have been asked to chip in money to keep the transit system in business through Sept. 30, the end of its fiscal year.

CMRTA is at the end of a two-year deal to keep buses running which involved Columbia kicking in an

additional $1 million in transportation funding. Midlands leaders are examining ways to prolong and improve the bus system, and have taken on USC transportation chief Derrick Huggins as an advisor.

Huggins made a series of recommendations for improving the management and operations of the bus system, and council members want to insure those changes are made before deciding on further funding for RTA. Right now it's a mess, and both councils will meet this week to discuss measures for funding the shortfalls and keeping busses running.

This is a critical service for people depending on bus transportation and the businesses that rely on them. It's important that the bus system keeps running, but it's also important that it's run efficiently and fiscally sound.

That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you.