Son charged with burning down paralyzed father's home - - Columbia, South Carolina

Son charged with burning down paralyzed father's home

Andre Jackson (Source: FCSO) Andre Jackson (Source: FCSO)

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WINNSBORO, SC (WIS) - A 67-year-old paralyzed man was caught inside a burning mobile home, but can thank his alert neighbor for pulling him to safety. Winnsboro investigators say his son is charged with starting the fire.

Jesse James Jackson living with friends for the time being. "They didn't want me to be trapped up in the trailer because I'm paralyzed on my left side," he said.

Investigators say his neighbors pulled him from his burning home Friday night. "When we got down here, he was still in there and the house was engulfed in smoke," said LaTroy Trapp. "So we immediately had to get him out of there."

"While they was doing that, I went and got my daddy's water hose, came out putting water in there till the fire department got there and I let the fire department take over," said LaTisha Sampson.

Investigators say Jackson's son Andre LaMont Jackson started the fire. He's charged with arson after they say he set a pile of clothes on fire and left. "I saw smoke coming up the hall and they got me out of the trailer," said Jackson.

"He looked in the sky and thanked Jesus," said Trapp. "He was really happy that we got him out of there."

It seems in this neighborhood, it's about more than just geography. "He's not just any kind of neighbor," said Trapp. "Like I said, he's a friend."

Police don't know why Jackson's son started the fire. They say he has been charged with unlawful burning in the past.

Right now, Jesse Jackson is without a home.

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