COPY-Conway residents say someone is poisoning their pets

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Residents of one Conway community are keeping their pets close after a dog died Sunday from what they say is an intentional poisoning.

Cliff Clark lives in the neighborhood off Highway 544 just outside the city limits of Conway, where he says two of his dogs were poisoned. His dog Pee Joe was euthanized after a veterinarian said the poison was too much for him to handle.

Clark is now displaying a sign that explains Pee Joe's death along with a very graphic display: Pee Joe's dead body.

He says he wants it to be a reminder of just how painful it is to watch a pet die.

"Evil. It's just Evil. I mean I've said maybe ignorant, but you can't be ignorant and do this. I mean this is something that somebody is planning," said Clark.

Other neighbors say their pets died too because of poisoning and they think someone in their community is doing it on purpose.

"[My cat] died from antifreeze poisoning. Dr. Cottingham done the work on him, and two months later my long-haired black cat Elvis died," said Isaac Lewis.

They say the problem's plagued their neighborhood for about two years, but it's gotten worse recently.

Dr. Randy Werkhoven of Waccamaw Regional Veterinary Center says both Clark's dogs were in fact poisoned, one with anti-freeze and the other rat poisoning.

"Some antifreeze tastes really good to a pet and they may drink it willingly, so if they have access to it there may be no limit to what they take in," said Dr. John Cottingham of Village Veterinarian in Socastee.

Neighbors say in the last two years they'd estimate at least 12 cats and dogs died suspiciously. They say wild animals like possums and raccoons are dying too.

Some neighbors say until Monday many had not reported the suspected killings to police. Now they hope authorities will get involved and help keep their animals safe.

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