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Buy It and Try It: New Pine-Sol

(Columbia) Nov. 11, 2003 - You may have seen a new TV commercial and wondered whether a new Pine-Sol product lives up to its promise, "Introducing new 'Don't Mop With Dirty Water Again Pine-Sol'. Only new Pine-Sol cleaner pulls the dirt down to the bottom. So you can be mopping with water that looks like this, instead of this." 
Consumer Reports put it to the test with along with two other top-selling cleaners: Mr. Clean and regular Pine Sol. Testers mixed the cleaners with water in separate beakers and then added soil and stirred.

More dirt did fall to the bottom of the beaker with the Don't Mop With Dirty Water Again Pine-Sol, but the water was hardly clear. It didn't look much like the example in the commercial. 
Testers found an interesting twist. When they used the new Pine-Sol to clean a real-life floor, one thing quickly became apparent. It's tough to rinse the mop without stirring up the dirt again.

The final dirt on the new Don't Mop With Dirty Water Again Pine-Sol is that it's not worth the cash. The point of the product is a little murky since rinsing the mop stirs up the dirt in the water.
The household helper tip is no matter what floor cleaner you use, you can improve its performance with one easy step. Vacuum or sweep the floor first, which will get rid of a lot of dirt that would end up in your water as you mop. 

By Judi Gatson
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