Women, Wisdom & Wealth! Ask Karen Jenkins

Women, Wisdom & Wealth! Ask Karen Jenkins

We've teamed up with Karen R. Jenkins, a financial consultant, to provide women with helpful tips to guide them towards financial empowerment.  If you'd like to submit a question that could possibly be answered on the air, complete the form below to ask Karen your question and watch for our "Women, Wisdom & Wealth" segment on WIS Live @ 5 every Wednesday.


Karen R. Jenkins is an author, financial consultant and motivational speaker. Her educational and inspirational messages are traveling the airways as a local financial consultant, a contributing writer for magazines and publications, in addition to making appearances on local radio stations.  Karen is the author of Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment, an inspiring and transformational guide to building a solid and sound financial foundation.

She is the Principal of KRJ Consulting, LLC.  She empowers hundreds of people with her Financial Empowerment platform through keynotes, seminars, workshops and conferences and one-on-one consultations. As a financial empowerment consultant/"personal financial trainer" and motivational speaker - Karen is reaching a multitude of people with her down-to-earth, practical approach to sharing her wisdom and wealth of knowledge.

You can learn more about Karen R. Jenkins and her services at www.KarenRJenkins.com.