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Puppies abandoned in taped box

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FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) A college student home for the summer came across a strange box in the middle of the road in the Florence, only to find two abandoned puppies.

When Florence resident Dani Ball opened the taped box she found two puppies, left to die on the side of the road.

Ball says instinct took over and she was determined to save the small animals.

"I've been crawling around in dog cages since I [could] crawl," laughs Ball.

Dani was babysitting when she got a call from a neighbor about a mysterious package sitting on the side of the road, and she had to investigate. Emerging from a damp box came on chocolate and one black puppy. Both were damp and appeared to be very scared.

"I told the little boy [I was caring for] not to touch them, and I put the box in the wagon and I was walking down the street," explains Ball.

The puppies, left for dead in a taped box, were covered in fleas, ticks and ants leaving them with sores all over their bodies.

"It was pitiful. We gave them water and I've never seen animals jump at water so quickly," says Ball.

Dani's mom was quick to help care for the wounded pups.

"She was in tears, hysterically crying that they needed medical attention," says Suzi Ball. "We jumped in the car and zoomed over there."

Dani and her mom took the puppies to the Florence Humane Society where they were treated.

"I'm very distraught that somebody would tape a box shut and put it off on the side of the road, and if it not probably for the ingenuity of one of those little puppies, we would have never found them and [they] would have expired," predicts Jane Bosswell, President Florence Humane Society.

The City of Florence Animal Control was out Monday transporting stray animals to the shelter, but this situation doesn't even come as a surprise to them.

"We see a lot worse than that," claims Jackie Metts, City of Florence Animal Control. "We steady ride and if we see something running or in the road we stop, we catch it."

With gloves on hand the Ball family is doing everything they can to save these puppies.

"I hate these gloves. I just wish I could let them lay on the couch and play with us, but I know they are in a better place and I know they're happy," says Dani of caring for the puppies.

Aside from caring for the cuddly duo, the Ball family wants justice for these animals.

"I think these people need to be punished or this will never stop," says a frustrated Dani Ball.

The previous owners have not been located, but the Ball family suggested the return address label on the taped box may be a good starting point.

The Florence Animal Control, however, says that even with the address there is no proof that the dogs belonged to the residents. If you have any information on who may have dumped these puppies, contact the Florence Humane Society at 843-669-2921.

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