Firefighters cope with the heat

By Tim Pulliam - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Temperatures outside seem to be getting pretty unbearable for most of us, but there's one group that deals with extreme heat all the time.

When firefighters are on the scene of a fire there's no time to look for shelter.

That's the reason the department has a fireman whose main job is to keep fireman cool.

Firefighter Daniel Durham provides some relief to firemen battling flames outside in the heat with a truck called Rehab.

"It's my primary job. 24 hours of it, every third day, I'm on this truck," said Durham.

According to Durham there is a built in awning that provides shade for the firefighters and chairs in case someone wants to have a seat.  Durman added that he carries 6 gallons of Gatorade around to keep the crew cool.  "It doesn't last long depending on how hot it is," said Durham.

Also he added that inside the Rehab firefighters can find cool vest to wear, which Durham puts water and ice into to keep their body temperatures down.

Rehab is the only truck in the county that goes out to locations where the fire is severe.

Durham added that all fire trucks are equipped with a cooler until the Rehab arrives.

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