Perspective: A WIS Editorial – Summer means hungry children

WIS recently conducted our Pack A Pickup food drive for the Harvest Hope Food Bank, helping to stock the shelves for the summer.  The folks at the food bank tell us that summer months are particularly tough for many children because they don't receive their weekend backpacks filled with food once school is out.  Volunteers deliver filled backpacks to the schools' most needy children during the school year, but in the summer, many of those children go hungry.

There are several summer weekend backpack programs, however, which help to provide nutritious meals throughout the year.  St. Andrews Baptist Church and Lexington KEYS, which stands for Keeping Every Youth Safe, both have a weekend backpack program which helps bridge the gap.

Harvest Hope has six summer programs, with 2 in the Midlands, and for $30 a month, they can give a child a backpack each Friday with enough food to last until Monday.   Some school districts also have programs that provide breakfast and lunch on weekdays during the summer.    Check with your local district for information.  If you'd like to donate to Harvest Hope to fund the summer program, please contact the number below.

Let's not let these children go hungry this summer.  That's my perspective.  What's yours?