Perspective: Editorial on the SC State audit

While we are all relieved to hear that the legislative audit of SC state's spending for the Clyburn University transportation center turned up no missing funds, there are still many questions to be asked about this matter.  Only 27 million of the 107 million needed to complete the center has been identified, and the audit states that the center will be finished in 2020 ONLY if the additional funding is secured today.  Are there any real plans to finish this project, or have millions of taxpayer and student monies already been wasted ?

The more troubling issue is that these audits are rarely conducted unless problems arise or questions are asked.   This practice seems to demonstrate just how easily tax dollars can be squandered when  there is no oversight.  It's a good thing that the audit was conducted and facts were brought to light, but now what?

Considering the cost involved, the bureaucratic bungling to date, lack of oversight and uncertain funding already demonstrated---maybe it's time to reevaluate what we're trying to accomplish with this center and who should be monitoring how the money is spent in the future.

That's my perspective, what do you think?