Men claim they've found gold in SC creek

SOUTH CAROLINA (CNN) - Folks are catching gold fever in South Carolina. A gold mining duo say they've found gold in a shaft dating back to the 1880's.

DNR officials say there actually is a lot of gold in South Carolina, but before companies tap into the gold source, some are already cashing in.

"It's what I do, treasure hunt," says miner Jerrry Fortenberry.

"Where did it come from?" says Herb Edwards. "We don't know yet."

Edwards and Fortenberry work as a team. "Usually we're arguing all day long about where the gold's coming from," jokes Edwards.

They say they've spent the past two months pulling it out of a creek in the Upstate, but they won't share exactly where they struck gold.

Jerry and Herb got access to the creek and found a golden opportunity. "Last year during the heavy rains we saw these boards exposed on the creek and we have dredged and cleaned up on the inside of them and discovered these are old ancient sluices from the 1890s," says Edwards.

For them to do all this they were finding some serious gold.

Shake it back and forth, back and forth.

Now Herb and Jerry are digging it up pan by pan.

"There's no cure for gold fever. Once you find your first color in your pan, there's no cure for gold fever," says Fortenberry.

Canadian company, Romarco Minerals is currently trying to open up South Carolina's first operational gold mine in years, at the Haile Gold Mine in Kershaw.

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