Where is that smell of smoke coming from?

Source: NOAA
Source: NOAA
STATEWIDE (WIS) - There's been a smell of smoke in the air in the Midlands for a couple of days and residents are beginning to wonder where it's coming from.

South Carolina Forestry Commission officials are receiving a lot of calls from concerned citizens regarding the smell of smoke.

Forestry officials say it's not coming from any fires in South Carolina, but from a 150,000 acre wildfire burning in southern Georgia and northern Florida.

Forestry Commission pilots confirm the smell is from "drift smoke" from the giant "Honey Prairie" fire.

Aircraft are monitoring fire activity in our state and the commission is sending seven wildland firefighters and heavy equipment to assist firefighters in Georgia.

SC residents may continue to smell light smoke until the fire is controlled or weather conditions alter smoke dispersal. 

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