Perspective: A WIS Editorial – Water Safety

It's that time of the year when folks head to the water to cool off in our abundant rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Unfortunately for some, that may represent an even greater challenge than the sultry weather. A recent drowning in one of our rivers shed light once again on the need for precautions when enjoying water activities. Folks are floating down the river or boating on the lake without life jackets, wading into waters deeper and more slippery that they imagined, and socializing around the pool without the ability to swim should they accidentally fall in.

Over the years, WIS 10 News has reported on the shocking statistics of just how many people in our state do not know how to swim. We've featured a series of reports focused on safe swimming basics, boating safety and river rescues. Included were tips on how to survive if you fall out of a boat or the boat capsizes, how to rescue someone else without putting yourself in danger and knowing what to do if you get swept up by fast-moving water in our rivers. Take swim lessons or a boating safety course this summer and beat the heat safely by learning how to be safe in the water.

That's my perspective, what's yours?