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Pakistan reaction to bin Laden's death.

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan's foreign office is hailing

Osama bin Laden's death, but some in the country are reacting


      There has been no sign of a major backlash, but at least one

Islamist political party did stage a protest in the southwestern

city of Quetta. More than 100 party members shouted, "Down with

America! Down with Obama!"

      And the Pakistani Taliban are vowing to retaliate. A spokesman

tells The Associated Press that the group will launch attacks in

both Pakistan and the U.S. to "avenge the martyrdom of Osama bin


      Still, the foreign office notes that al-Qaida "had declared war

on Pakistan," killing thousands of Pakistani civilians and

security officers.

      Pakistan's intelligence agency has cooperated with the CIA in

joint raids against al-Qaida suspects in Pakistan on several

occasions. But U.S. and Pakistani officials have indicated this

mission was too important to let anyone know more than a few

minutes in advance.

      The U.S. closed its embassy in Islamabad today, as well as

consulates in Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar, over worries about

possible unrest.

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