Family of ATV wreck victim relieved safety bill expected to pass

Chandler Saylor
Chandler Saylor

"It turned our life upside down," said Pam Saylor. "It's the most devastating news you can get."

The news came from the family's pastor, who called to say their son Chandler was seriously hurt in an ATV accident. "Your whole life revolves around your kids," said Steve. "They fall down, scratch themselves, cut their leg, bump their head. Momma and Daddy can always fix it, but this was something you can't fix."

Chandler's injuries were too severe for even the doctors to fix. Chandler was dead, and there was nothing Steve and Pam could do except fight for tougher ATV safety laws.

After years of watching a bill fail at the State House year after year, the Saylors finally have victory. "The bill is not a perfect bill," said Pam. "I'm not sure there is a perfect bill but we do feel like it can save the life of a child. That's the end goal and if we can do that we've done what we set out to do."

The Saylors are waiting for the moment Gov. Haley signs the bill into law, which they say will honor chandler's memory and bring attention to the issue.

"Do the most you can to protect your child," said Steve. "If you don't do it and something happens to him you will have to live with it the rest of your life."

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