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Phylicia Barnes' brother talks about her murder

Bryan Barnes talks about the death of his sister, Phylicia. Bryan Barnes talks about the death of his sister, Phylicia.
Phylicia Barnes Phylicia Barnes

BALTIMORE, MD (WBTV) - For the first time since her body was found, the siblings of Phylicia Barnes are speaking out.

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Phylicia attended school at Union Academy in Monroe, NC.

The honors student was visiting her siblings in Baltimore over the holidays, but vanished four months ago, prompting an unprecedented search.

Last week, her body was found near the Susquehanna River about 45 miles from where she disappeared.

Phylicia Barnes' older brother and sister said they had faith she would be found alive, but they also had a feeling a body found on the Conwingo Dam might be their little sister.

"When I heard it might be her, my mind skipped to what's the next step," said Phylicia Barnes' brother, Bryan. "What are we going to do as a family? How are we going to handle this?"

On Wednesday, Barnes' naked body was discovered in the water along with a male victim. Police still haven't said if the two cases are related.

Police used dental records to confirm it was the missing teen. Now, her family is making an emotional plea for help.

"Just come forward, I mean it's been too long," Bryan Barnes said. "Now we knowing where she is kinda helps, but now we need to know why, and how and get that person behind bars as quick as possible."

Still, there is no motive or suspect. Police say autopsy results should provide some clues as to what happened to her.

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