Video game taking players to Augusta National

AUGUSTA, GA (WIS) - Have you ever dreamed of playing golf at Augusta National? For the first time ever, a video game is making that possible.

Augusta National is the jewel of all golf courses in the country. Only a very select group of people will ever get to walk the greens.

But Tiger Woods 2012 is the first video game ever to include Augusta National. You can actually play The Masters. It has golf fans down right giddy.

If you are wondering why it took until 2011 to get Augusta to a video game, the answer is simple. The folks are very secretive about the golf course.

Professional golfer Patrick Jacobson would know. He's one of the brains behind golden tee. It's the number one coin operated game of all time. "It was my little guy who was the little guy on there," said Jacobson.

But the little guy never played Augusta. Golden tee didn't have the rights to use the course.

Now, the secrets are out. You may never get a chance to smell the azaleas yourself, but you can pretend.

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