Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here are the links and resources mentioned on WIS News 10 on Tuesday, April 5, 2011:

Providence HEART & SOLE Women's Five Miler
5 Mile Run, 5 Mile Walk, 3 Mile Walk
Saturday, April 30
Register now!
See Pictures of the Heart and Sole!

HELPING YOUR DOLLARS MAKE SENSE -- Advice from financial advisor Kevin Skipper:
Forever File
* IRA Contributions
* Birth certificates
* P
* Social Security cards mortgage deeds
* Real estate bills of sale
* Marriage certificates separation or divorce papers 
* Medical records
* Diplomas and transcripts adoption and custody papers
* Military discharge papers, and itemized inventory 
Seven Year File
Tax Returns and Records
* Credit Card Receipts 
Useful File
Monthly/Quarterly Brokerage Statements
* Cost Basis Records
* Life Insurance Contract
* Annuity Contract
* Car Title and Service Record
Electronic File
* Scan and put on DVD and put in a safe
* Shred unimportant financial records