Slow newsfeed? Many give up Facebook for Lent

(CNN) - The decision about what to give up for Lent has taken a 21st century twist for some who have decided fast Facebook for the 40 days before Easter.

"When I tried to think about something that I truly overindulged in all the time, the only thing that really came to mind was Facebook. I spent an awful lot of time on there," said Ann O'Connell, who gave up Facebook for Lent last year.

With social media quickly becoming ingrained in our lives and available at the tip of our fingers, many feel some self-imposed time away from the computer is overdue.

"It's a relatively short period of time, 40 days, so it gives you an opportunity to think about, 'Is there something I'm doing in my life that I'd like to stop,' or 'Is there something in my life that I'd like to be doing more of,'" said Jeanine Turner, an associate professor at Georgetown University.

More time is at the core of Paolo del Mundo's Facebook fast. He saying thanks to his iPad, he spends about three hours a day on the site. His girlfriend is just one of many excited about him focusing more on face-to-face connections.

"I want to see my friends, like actually in person. I definitely want to keep in touch with people that really matter to me," he said.

Ann O'Connell found her Facebook attachment weakened, leaving more time for other things in her life.

"I did find that after I came back from being away from it during Lent, I do check it a little less frequently now, which was a good result of it," she said.

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