Animal activist calls for state investigation after animals allegedly found shot to death

(Source: WBTV)
(Source: WBTV)

By Kay Johnson - bio l email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Members of the Chesterfield County Animal Control are accused of shooting some two-dozen dogs and dumping their bodies in a landfill.

A volunteer who works with the shelter to adopt out dogs says a tip led her to the landfill. Deborah Farhi says she dug up two dead dogs Friday and says they were shot in the head.

Farhi alerted animal rights activist Whitney Knowlton with Last Chance Animal Rescue. Knowlton flew in from New York and spoke outside of the shelter Saturday surrounded by dozens of residents.

"The oversight of what happens in these animal shelters are lacking to every degree," Knowlton said.

She says she has worked with this shelter for several years and says this is going from bad to worse.

Knowlton wants the state to investigate.

The sheriff's office oversees animal control. Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker said an investigation is underway.

County council member Douglas Curtis was among the crowd Saturday.

"I would like to turn this into a positive thing instead of a negative thing..if people would spay and neuter there pets we wouldn't have the predicament we have," Curtis said.

Asked by one of the residents if Curtis would budget for a spay and neuter program, Curtis responded "I can't speak for council on that but it's something we need to look have my support."

The county got rid of its gas chamber last year.

It's suppose to euthanize animals through lethal injection.

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