Professor offers students a live demo of a sexual act

CHICAGO, IL (NBC) - Some students say a professor at Northwestern University went too far when he offered a live demonstration of a sexual act for his students.

Psychology Professor John Michael Bailey gave students in his Human Sexuality course an opportunity to stay after class to see the demonstration.

More than 200 students chose to stay and they witnessed a live sexual act involving a naked woman and a sex toy. After the demonstration, the students took part in a question and answer session about fetishes.

Some of the students say it was shocking, but educational.

"The prior warning that was given I don't think was strong enough to prepare all the students for that," said Partik Shah, one of the students who witnessed the demonstration.

"[Professor Bailey] likes to use these after-class experiences to show rather than tell, and I think that's very, very important," said Victor Siclovan, another Northwestern student.

The university is defending the professor's actions.

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