Charleston family devastated after pit bull kills puppy

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man and his family are devastated after a pit bull killed their 6-week-old puppy at a North Charleston dog park.

It happened on Sunday around 9:30 a.m. at Wannamaker County Park in North Charleston. The puppy's owner says the owner of the pit bull took off with his dog without even offering any help.

Dennis Coblentz says, "I didn't get any sleep the first night. It was hard on my family and my kids. To take your dog and run off like that. It's going to happen again."

Coblentz watched in horror as a pit bull bit into the throat of his 6-week-old lab, Bear.

"I reached underneath and tried to grab the pit bull's mouth trying to pry it apart. I finally got the dog loose," Coblentz says. "It was terrible, kids were screaming."

Coblentz says his puppy, Bear, died shortly after the attack. He says when he looked around to find the pit bull's owner, he was nowhere in sight.

"I think he's a coward just picking up his dog and leaving. I didn't expect anything from him, but sympathy goes a long way," Coblentz says.

Wannamker's General Manager Edmonds Brown says rules and regulations are posted and enforced to prevent incidents like this one.

"We want to make sure there are non-aggressive dogs in the park. The small dogs and large dogs have an area to go in, so were created two separate spaces," Brown says.

Brown says dog parks are a time for pets to be unleashed and enjoy the company of other dogs, but with the freedom comes more responsibility for the owner.

"The dog park is for the owner to enjoy their dog. It's not a babysitting service and they must pay attention, monitor them and see what's happening all the time," Brown says.

None of the staff at Wannamaker County Park saw the owner of the pit bull. Coblentz filed a report with North Charleston Police and hopes the pit bull's owner will come forward.

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