Sheriff: Violent home invasion injures three

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - A man and two females were pistol-whipped, tied up and robbed in what the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office was calling a violent home invasion.

It happened just before midnight at a home on Jefferson Davis Highway in East Camden.

Sheriff Jim Matthews said when the three victims responded to a knock at the door, they were confronted by a man wearing all black and a ski mask. He said the suspect struck the male victim in the head with an unknown object, knocking him unconscious.

Then he said two other male suspects entered the home and struck one female in the face with a handgun and struck the other in the back of the head.

The suspects proceeded to tied up the female victims, disable the phone, and ransack the home, according to Sheriff Matthews. They took an undisclosed amount of cash, jewelry, and a handgun before fleeing the scene. "This is a disturbing crime and we need the public's help," said Sheriff Jim Matthews, "These men knew people were home and they were bold enough to bust in with guns. They will likely do this again."

"My mother, she's 72 years old; she has arthritis and pain daily," said Larry Trimnal. "She didn't need any extra pain or the trauma she's been through."

Trimnal's mother is icing the spot where she was hit with a handgun. Larry says he's not thinking too much about his own injuries. "I got hit over the head with a pipe," he said.

Blood and staples cover the top of Larry's head, where he received a concussion. Larry doesn't remember much about Saturday night after his brother dropped him off at his home in west Camden.

"It wasn't long after he was gone, somebody knocked on the door," recounted Trimnal. "I thought it was him because normally at that time of night, I would not open the door."

"As soon as I opened that door, next thing I know I feel water hitting my face and I come to and I'm layin right along here somewhere," he continued.

Larry says he we blacked out after he took a pipe to the face. In a strange twist, Larry says the intruders helped him come to. "Splashed a pot of water on me to wake me up and asked me where the rest of the [expletive] money is," said Trimnal. "Had a gun at my head."

Deputies say the three men tied up Larry's mother and aunt, also attacking them, before getting away with about $4,000 in cash and goods. "It was like a hurricane came through," he said.

Before they got away, the robbers left a terrifying message. "Said that they will be back," said Trimnal.

If that happens, Larry says he's got a plan. "I'll be ready if they come back again," he said.

Bloodhounds were brought to the scene to try to pick up the suspects' scents but were unable to do so.

If you have any information related to this incident, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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