Buy It and Try It: Heat wraps

(Columbia) August 20, 2003 - A Thermacare TV commercial claims the wraps use heat to ease back, neck and menstrual pain, "So circulation flows in, helping pain flow out."

Consumer Reports tested to see if they measured up.

The wraps and patches get warm as they're exposed to air. Thermacare claims they'll stay warm for eight hours and on that claim, they delivered.

The wraps and patches are designed to be used once. There are ones for your back, neck-to-arm wraps, and patches for your abdomen for relief from menstrual cramps.

Consumer Reports asked panelists to try them out. They used the wraps and patches on aches and pains at home and at work, even while traveling.  Some panelists had trouble keeping the patch on overnight, "When I was sleeping it did come off," and, "At night it would fall off when I was sleeping."

Panelists' reviews were mixed as to whether the patches helped pain, "It did help with the pain," to, "I had a lot of shoulder pain that I was trying to get rid of, and, unfortunately, that didn't cure it."

Whether or not the Thermacare Heat Wraps relieved pain as claimed, there was one thing most panelists agreed on. The eight hours of warmth felt pretty good.

Consumer Reports says there are similar products on the market from other makers. Testers like the Thermacare Heat Wraps best because they're a lot bigger and provide more heat.

By Judi Gatson
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