Bond set at $100k for man charged with hitting CPD officer with car

Richard M. Corbin (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center (7/2/10))
Richard M. Corbin (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center (7/2/10))

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Bond has been set at $100,000 for a man shot by Columbia police after authorities say he hit an officer with a car last week. Meanwhile, the State Law Enforcement Division continues to investigate what happened.

The incident happened on Millwood Avenue after police said they stopped a father and son for suspicious activity. While officers were questioning the father, the son jumped in the driver's seat. Police said he tried to run over an officer, and that's why the officer shot the son.

A judge set bond at $100,000 on Wednesday for Richard M. Corbin, 19, who is charged with attempted murder and manufacture/distribution of cocaine base.

Corbin's father said the car never hit an officer. "I got my wallet out," said Richard L. Corbin. "I showed him my driver's license. He said, 'Mr. Corbin, please step out of the car.'"

Columbia police pulled the Corbins over on Millwood Avenue Thursday night after an officer thought he was dealing drugs out of his car. "He said he stopped me because he saw me hand something out the window," said Richard L. Corbin. Corbin says it was a cigarette he handed to a man who asked him for a smoke.

During the stop, a second Columbia officer arrived on the scene. Richard L. Corbin said he told SLED agents how the stop and the shooting happened. "I pulled over on Mill, entered off Mill in to the church yard," said Corbin, "The officer's car is right here behind my car. This is another officer's car that pulls up. I'm here. Another officer is right here, and another officer is right here. The car, when it started going this way, this officer on this right hand side of me started firing at the car."

Columbia police said Richard L. Corbin's son, 21-year-old Richard M. Corbin, tried to run over the officer, and out of fear for his life, police said the officer shot Richard M. Corbin.

Police said the officer went to the hospital, was treated and released. Because of a SLED investigation, Columbia police said they can't say what the officer's injuries were or how he was injured.

Richard L. Corbin said it didn't happen that way. "The only way my car could have hit him is he had to back the car up and run over him. That never happened because I was behind the car myself. He put the car in drive and went forward."

Richard L. Corbin was not charged with any crimes Thursday night and said police validated his story about the cigarette. His son, Richard M. Corbin faces attempted murder and a drug charge. He is still in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound. Once he is released, he will be formally charged and booked in at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

Richard M. Corbin has arrests dating back to 2008 involving drugs and weapons charges.

SLED continues to investigate the case.

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