Quick moving system brings snow to Newberry County

By Kelly Coakley - email

NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The morning storm that hit the Midlands Thursday brought snow to Newberry County.

White, fluffy flakes fell early in the morning, but the snow did not last long.  Many people were glad the system left as quickly as it came.

With last month's snow storm still on their minds, drivers told News 10 they were glad the latest storm did not cause major problems.

Chapin resident, Patrick Martin, was headed to Asheville for business.  He watched the news and checked on the roads to make sure it was safe to travel.  "I lost some hours when I was snowed in.  So I am ready for spring to get here," said Martin.

He wasn't the only one eager for warmer weather.

Tac Hargrove left Spartanburg early to drive to Columbia for business.  He does not like the inconvenience of winter weather.  "I hate having to scrape the ice off my car every morning.  I'm ready for warm weather and for weekends where I can wear T-shirts," said Hargrove.

Early reports show Newberry County got about an inch of snow.  The schools were put on a two hour delay, because of some rural roads in the Northern part of the county.

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