Stay informed about outages with SCE&G’s interactive electric outage map

When severe weather strikes or an emergency occurs, SCE&G is dedicated to keeping the public informed and restoring power as quickly as possible. SCE&G has launched a new interactive electric outage map.

The new map offers several new features:

Customers can zoom in/change views: The map was created using Bing maps. That means customers can zoom in, pan around and change views.

The map is searchable: Customers can type in their address and zoom into that specific location with one click.

Outage information will be available at the county level: Providing outage numbers at the county level better communicates to our customers and the media because it is based on geographical separations they understand.

Consistent Communication: Our mobile site has been updated as well with county level information. Whether our customers or the media contact us via the Web, our mobile site, IVR or contact center, they are getting the same message and numbers.

Updated every 15 minutes: Our OMS and GIS systems will work together to automatically update the outage map data every 15 minutes.