From Sunday blues to business boost

By Tim Pulliam - email

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) -Some would argue that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest Sunday for alcohol all year.

One year ago in Camden, serving alcohol on Sundays was unheard of. "It's a ghost town on Sundays," said bar owner Jonathan Bazinet.

But that's no longer the case. Sundays are much different for bars in town. Camden's blue laws ended this past November. The rule prevented bar owners, like Bazinet, from serving booze on Sundays. Last year, Bazinet said it watered down profits. "There's no doubt that my business would become more valuable," he said, "I would have more sales, and I hope it would add profits so I could grow my business."

Business is shaking up nicely now at Fatz Grille since the change. The restaurant has been serving more drinks the last three Sundays. Managers said profits are up 12%. "Pretty good, it's been pretty busy, especially the first week or the first Sunday that we did it," said Manager DeAnn Bell, "It was really really busy."

From the mayor's stand point, he said area businesses are getting more requests to serve alcohol. WIS News 10 visited another bar in town. They are in the process of applying for an alcohol permit for Sunday.

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