Egypt getting support from some in the Midlands

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Miles away from the chaos, a group supporting the end of a dictatorship in the Midlands made its point in the heart of Five Points.

They stood on a street corner, a land away. "There is a movement of freedom occurring around the world, and I just wanted to show support for that," said David Weir, who supports the regime change.

Carolina Peace Organization hosted the vigil. "That's what we're out here to support, bringing democracy in a peaceful manner," said Walid Haskie of Carolina Peace.

Miles away, a dictatorship in Egypt is coming to an end. No one WIS News 10 spoke with had close ties to the country, but they said it still hit close to home. "I'm very excited about what's going on in Egypt," said Tolly Honeycutt, who supports the regime, "I think it's the equivalent of our American revolution."

"It's a First Amendment thing as we believe in US, freedom to assemble, and people just want democracy over there," said Tom Turnipseed, who supports the regime change.

Carolina Peace said it's supporting the protests in Egypt because of the peaceful way the pro-democracy supporters are going about it.

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