Steelers/Packers have presence in Midlands

By Jack Kuenzie - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The countdown to the Super Bowl has begun, and there's some popular spots in the area that are sure to be packed this weekend.

At Wings and Ale on Outlet Pointe Boulevard, it's all about the Pittsburgh Steelers. For Columbia fans, it has long been Steeler territory. "I guess originally a couple of guys just came in," said Manager Ashley Edens, "Started having some beers, watching the game, and it grew as the 13 years went on. We are the only official Steelers club in the Midlands."

On Super Bowl Sunday, Edens and his staff will cover pool tables to lay out a special spread for the followers of Roethlisberger and company. "Everything's black and gold, and we'll have a lot of giveaways and bonuses for them and make their last game, hopefully a win in the Super Bowl, worth it for them," said Edens.

A company that analyzes online data, notably a company based in Pittsburgh, has determined that there are exactly 642 more Steelers bars across the country than there are places dedicating their services to the Green Bay Packers fans. We found one of those Packers places in West Columbia.

The Carolina Wings and Rib House chain has its own extensive history with Packer Backers. There are fans so passionate, they'll even dare to take a dig at former NFL coach Steve Spurrier. "For the most part they're kind of quiet," said Manager J.D. Macgargle, "But you know when Green Bay's winning, obviously they're kind of loud and rowdy and having a good time."

Carolina Wings will literally cater to lovers of Lambeau. "Usually we set up a buffet for them," said Macgargle, "That includes bratwurst, nacho cheese. We'll have a cheese platter for them this weekend and a couple of other things just thrown out there to say thanks for coming out."

Both managers said they're happy to welcome all kinds of football fans, even if they support teams that probably won't be fighting for a Super Bowl trophy anytime soon.

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