Super Bowl will be super social

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Will you be heading to a Super Bowl party this weekend? If so, bring your smartphone. Social networking will be a big part of Sunday's festivities as fans interact with advertisers and with each other.

During last year's Super Bowl, about 40% of all tweets were about the big game. As the game wrapped up, it jumped to almost half.

NFL players, coaches and personnel have restrictions on their social networking activity on game day, but there's nothing stopping the fans. So whether you're one of the lucky folks checking in at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, or just headed to a party down the block, bring your smartphone.

45% of users surveyed said they'll be using them during the big game. Of those users, 59% will use them to stay in touch with friends and family through emails and text messages. 32% will post updates and pictures of their Super Bowl festivities to Twitter and Facebook. 24% will use them to keep tabs on stats, and 18% will use them to check out Super Bowl ads.

Speaking of ads, sites like Facebook and Twitter will play a crucial role before, during and after the game, so look for advertisers to engage you and encourage you to friend or follow them.

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