Egypt violence affecting SC gas prices

By Logan Smith - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS0 - The violence in Egypt has created a lot of uncertainty in America, especially at the gas pump.

Speculation over Egypt's oil production has driven the price of oil to around $90 a barrel, and that's pushing the average cost of gas in the US to $3.11. It's $2.94 in South Carolina, and many drivers are worried it could go up even higher. "I think gas prices are really, really high right now," said driver Nancy Weems, 'But you have to have gas, so what are you gonna do?"

Travel experts still said the speculation is based more on hype than reality. "Egypt is a low producer of oil for gasoline, so we don't expect any changes in the short term," said Tina Kirkland of AAA Carolinas.

But those speculative fears could come true if the violence continues. "If something changes in the Middle Eastern countries, if it spreads - it's probably not likely but if it spreads - then we'll probably see some changes," said Kirkland.

It has many in the Midlands thinking about how to cope with the possibility of even higher prices at the pump. "If I don't have to go someplace, I don't," said driver Conroy Jackson, "If I have to go, I go."

"I guess my husband will have to get another job because I sure don't want to," said Weems.

According to the experts the only thing for sure is the volatility in the oil market will likely continue.

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