SC mailman delivers in a big way, saving woman's life

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Wednesday, Mark Conway was wearing a United States Postal Service uniform, but underneath he may as well been hiding a Superman costume.

On his North Charleston route, Conway felt something was a little off and he was right.

Off Rivers Avenue, Conway delivers to the home of an elderly woman. At the first of the month the woman always meets him outside for the mail. It's her routine, Conway says.

"I see her peeking through the window," Conway said. "I get out of my truck and I open the gate and I walk up the steps and hand her, her mail. She shakes my hand and thanks me very much."

On Tuesday, the first of February, the mailman was at the mailbox alone. The same thing happened Wednesday.

"I found the mail still there and I got a little concerned because it was out of the normal," Conway said.

The mailman says he knocked on the door, asked neighbors her whereabouts and when the pieces didn't fit together he called police.

When authorities showed up at the house they found the woman on the floor. The temperature in the house was 90 degrees.

Conway says police told him if she spent another day the way they found her, she would have died.

"I'm just glad I was there," Conway said.

In this case, the mailman came right on time.

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