WIS Perspective: An editorial on free TV

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - No matter where you are - in the comfort of your home, in your car or simply walking down the street - you can have access to free, local TV. We think our future as local television broadcasters is very bright, but there are a few issues being debated in Congress and at the FCC that pose a threat to our ability to provide these new broadcast technologies.

In 1992, Congress created a process to allow broadcasters to negotiate for fair compensation with pay TV companies for the use of their signals. Before that, pay TV companies could package and sell broadcast channels on their systems without the local stations' permission, which Congress determined was unfair and potentially threatening to free, over-the-air television.  Congress is now considering new policies on retransmission consent that could jeopardize the future of free TV and the local programming you enjoy.

Meanwhile, the FCC proposes reclaiming spectrum that local television stations use to provide valuable  services to our communities. Our ability as local television broadcasters to operate in a marketplace free of unnecessary regulation is essential as we develop  innovative new services to serve our viewers.

So If you love your local television stations, join millions of viewers across America and let your pay TV provider and Congress know.

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