WIS Perspective: An editorial on tuition and enrollment caps

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - USC President Harris Pastides recently appeared before the House Ways and Means higher education subcommittee to discuss the funding and management of USC's budget.

Pastides pleaded his case for no cap on tuition increases or out-of-state student admissions.  He stated that in-state enrollment is up by 22% in the past decade, and that out of state students provide about $112 million per year to the university.  That goes a long way towards making up the gap in state funding which has gone from 25% of USC's budget two years ago to about 10% today.

President Pastides also stressed the importance of education lottery dollars remaining in place to fund scholarships which are a major reason for some in-state students' tuition being reduced from full price of $9786 to less than a third of that price.

Seems to me that by just about any reasonable metric, USC has done a very good job of managing their budget, their enrollment, and their contribution to the economic development of this state.  Putting tuition and enrollment caps in place or meddling with education lottery funding for scholarships would not be constructive measures at this time of fiscal crisis, and would only further hinder the goals for higher education in this state.

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