Still no arrests three years after Bishopville woman found murdered

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - Crimestoppers needs your help finding a killer. Investigators say three young children found their mother dead in her bedroom. Nearly three years later, detectives still don't know who killed her.

"Me and Erica we were like more than momma and daughter," said Annette Morgan. "That was my sister, my best friend. Everybody loved her. She'd take care of these three girls by herself. She was doing the best she could."

Annette Morgan knows her daughter will never see her own three daughters grow up to become young women. They're now being raised by Annette.

"She was young," said Annette. "She was too young to die."

The three little girls found their mother's body in her bedroom. Investigators say when they arrived that morning, Erica was in her pink pajamas with a gunshot wound near her neck.

The sheriff's department says Erica had been on the phone with her aunt around one that morning. They believe she was killed shortly after that conversation.

The murder happened nearly three years ago. Major James Dellinger says they don't have any solid leads yet. "Almost feel helpless that you can't help this family in bringing that closure," said Dellinger.

Closure Annette says she desperately needs. Some days she thinks her daughter is still around.

"Sometimes I still get up at night and sit by the window to see if she come to the yard to come get the girls," said Annette.

Annette says the girls don't remember much about their mother's death. For their sake, she doesn't want them to.

However, Annette is hoping you may know something that will solve Erica's murder. "It'll take the burden off of my heart at least I can let them know they're momma is at peace," said Annette.

If you know anything about Erica's murder, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.